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Services and fees

To find the perfect professional we
• endeavor to become fully acquainted with the background and conditions of the respective position, with all managers and colleagues being sub-, coordinated or superiors
• have to know all the exact technical and personal requirements for the wanted colleague
• gladly give our clients helpful advice regarding the configuration of the specific area of responsibilities, the appertaining personal criteria and a marketable offer
• think a close and honest cooperation between our clients and consultants is vital.
Placement services both local and abroad. Our main scope is classic headhunting, executive search and direct search, supported by advertisements, our own database, personality and skills assessments, to ensure finding you a suitable colleague.
We work according to the following process:
After the project and the client's expectations have been understood thoroughly and an adequate candidate profile has been prepared the search for potential candidates begins and after contacting them we create the long list.
Organizing and conducting individually structured interviews
- to get to know the personality of a potential colleague
- to reveal their professional experience and background
- to introduce the client and the field of duties
Creating a short list after the personal interviews with our consultants – choosing 3-5 candidates who comply with the requirements the most and forwarding their applications to our client. The application should consist of:
• the candidate's CV (in several languages, if required),
• a one-page cover letter, written by the candidate,
• their test results (on demand)
• a report, written by the consultant based on the personal interview
For or client we organize and if required even participate in the interviews with the chosen candidates. After the interviews we consult with our client, evaluate the introduced candidates together and put them in preferred order.
Our consultant takes all information into consideration and gives feedback regarding all candidates.
We assist our client or the chosen candidate in the decision-making process while providing them with further necessary information to make the decision easier.
From assignment to completion of the job or until the end of our guarantee period our client can rely on professional assistance from our side.
Within 2-3 weeks after signing the contract we provide our client the application suiting their expectations the most.
In return of our services like placing professionals and the selection of senior management representatives we ask for a success fee which is only being billed on the day the colleague placed and chosen by us has been hired.
Mentioned success fee depends on the position's level and the complexity of our search. It may vary between 18-25 % of the candidate's yearly gross pay.
Our company accepts assignments with individual pricing as well. After receiving all details we prepare a custom-made offer.
Depending on the position and the commission we grant a warranty of 90 – 180 days and in case of termination of employment we insure a change of personnel free of charge.

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